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Join the Spaulding Decon team as they go out on the toughest cleaning jobs in the world.

If you are ready to take your level of Crime Scene Cleaning fandom to the next level, you can actually join the team in Tampa and roll out to a job. Suit up, and enter into a crime scene, extreme hoarding home, or the scene of an unattended death. You will get to experience the raw, reality of social media’s favorite crime scene cleaning company.

Are you ready for a front row seat?


Will you provide the proper personal protective equipment (PPE)?

Absolutely! The team will get you all suited up to ensure that you are fully protected on the scene.

How quickly can I get on a job?

Crime scene cleaning is not a 9-5 job. We can not guarantee that we will have a job on a specific date. However, we stay very busy so more than likely we will have a job during a time frame that works for you.

Where will the Ride Along take place?

We will be doing Ride Alongs out of our Tampa location. This means you will get a chance to go on a job with Laura, Fiona, and the other members of the team that you watch on YouTube.

Can I choose the type of job I go one?

Of course, we want you to have the experience you are looking for. You just need to let us know which you prefer, either a hoarding job or a bio cleanup job.

How much does it cost to go on a Ride Along?

Costs are dependent on the kind of cleanup.

Will I be able to see the job before I arrive?

Yes, we take photographs of all of our jobs so if you want to see the scene prior to arriving we would be able to arrange that.

What will the Ride Along include?

You will get to spend a full day with the Spaulding Decon crew while they clean up a biohazardous scene or hoarding home. You will meet at our offices, hop on the truck and ride out. You will suit up with the team, enter the scene, and watch how the team tackles these jobs.

Which Spaulding Decon team members will be on the Ride Along?

You will be working with the Tampa crew, headed up by Laura Spaulding. That means you will be with the Spaulding Decon crew that you see on most of our videos.

How long will the Ride Along last?

It will depend on the job, but more than likely it will be a full 8 hour day.

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