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Business Coaching with Laura Spaulding

From living paycheck to paycheck to becoming the founder and CEO of Entrepreneur Magazine’s #1 Franchise.

Laura is proof that hard work pays off. Her unique journey and teaching ability make her an ideal speaker for any organization. Laura’s stories keep her audiences engaged, and the tools that she leaves them with will radically improve their professional and personal lives.

Learn from one of the Best in the Business


There is no substitution for passion and there is no faking it. Occasionally, our day-to-day responsibilities get so overwhelming that we lose track of that passion that initially drew us to our work. Laura will teach you how to reignite that passion and use it to power your growth.


We all have the same 24 hours in a day. Are you using yours wisely? Time management is essential for busy professionals to achieve their goals. Don’t let the clock push you around. Learn the secrets Laura uses to maximize her time without sacrificing productivity.


Do you greet each day as the opportunity that it is? Or are you wasting your energy in areas that are not serving you? Laura can help you to identify ways to focus your energies in the areas that are most beneficial. Learn to focus your energy to achieve your goals.


From time to time, every single one of us needs a push. Even at the highest levels of professional sports we see coaches giving firing speeches to their athletes. Business is no different. Laura is a master motivator that will have your team laser focused and hyped up to push forward with enthusiasm.